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What’s your safety “why”?

Have you ever wondered why certain companies are wildly successful when their competitors are mediocre or
perhaps even fail? One of the most profound factors that will determine the success or failure of a company is its
ability to understand and articulate their “WHY.”

All companies know WHAT they do and HOW they do it. But without understanding the WHY, there is little
motivation for employees to excel and little inspiration for customers to buy your service or product.
Here’s an example: In the early days of MP3 players, most companies had a commodity mindset. When vying for
market share, they touted the features of their products, things like storage capacity and battery life.

But one company—Apple—used a different approach. When selling the iPod in combination with iTunes1, creator Steve Jobs won customers with the promise of “1,000 songs in your pocket.” By focusing on the WHY, which was
the benefit of ownership, Apple revolutionized the way we listen to music today.

Find Your Why

This approach can apply to any business, including yours. Instead of installing and repairing HVAC equipment, a
heating and cooling company helps people thrive in comfortable environments. Instead of serving nutritious food, a
restaurant brings families together.

Articulating the WHY of your Health and Safety Program can change your culture. Instead of focusing merely on
rules and regulations about personal protection equipment, lockout/tagout and compliance, focus on the bigger
picture. Without the WHY, safety can be another in a long list of burdensome responsibilities.

Why safety? We work together to be sure everyone goes home safely every day to enjoy their homes, their family
and the other things that make their lives meaningful.

By focusing on the WHY, the tools and behaviors of a safety program help us achieve a higher vision.

To learn more about creating a safety and health program in your company, contact the Acrisure Health & Safety
Department at safety@acrisure.com or call 616.541.1243.                                                         

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