Insuring Your Home

Cumbre Insurance Services, LLC provides homeowners insurance to protect what for many represents their biggest investment – financially and emotionally. A home reflects all your hard work and it’s where you and your family make memories. Ensuring you are properly protected in the event of property damage or an accident in your home is our mission in helping you to continue to create those memories year after year.

Insuring Your Property for Replacement Cost Value

The staff at Cumbre Insurance Services will discuss with you the amount of coverage you need to rebuild your home in the event of damage resulting from a fire or other covered hazard. This involves insuring your home with 100% replacement cost coverage to replace your damaged or destroyed home with the exact same or a similar home in today’s market. Insuring your home with full replacement value will help avoid significant out-of-pocket expenses that could tap into your savings. It’s important to note that studies show that almost 60% of homes are underinsured by at least 18%. Should a total loss occur, a homeowner could end up being responsible for a substantial portion of the costs to rebuild a home. Our insurance professionals will go through each of your options to secure adequate insurance coverage.

Replacement cost coverage is also available for your personal contents like your television, furniture, and other belongings.

For high-value homes, there are additional options available to extend coverage as well as risk-mitigation services provided by insurers that specialize in insuring the unique needs of these types of homes. Cumbre Insurance Services works with several insurers to secure coverage that fits your risk profile. 

Additionally, we will review any personal valuables (jewelry, artwork, collections) you own that require additional coverage beyond what the Homeowners policy provides.

Protecting Your Financial Well-Being

Just as important as it is to insure your home against property damage, burglaries, vandalism and other hazards, your liability risks should be properly addressed to provide responsive coverage. As a homeowner, you are responsible for keeping your property safe, including for trespassers. You may also be liable for any dangerous conditions that remain unrepaired and may be held responsible for everything from slippery walkways to leaving tools and equipment out that end up harming a visitor. If you have a pool, your liability exposures increase.

Personal liability protection under a Homeowners insurance policy is designed to safeguard your financial assets should you or another member of your household be found legally responsible for damage to another person or their property. Liability coverage pays the cost of repairs to another individual’s property; the injured party’s medical expenses; and the legal fees involved in bodily injury or property damage cases.

How much liability coverage you purchase will depend on the assets you have at risk (checking and savings accounts, investments and retirement accounts, your valuable personal property, your home and any other properties such as a boat, vacation home). Our staff will go over this with you in detail. We also recommend purchasing Personal Umbrella insurance, which will extend the liability amount you carry under a Homeowners policy once its limits are exhausted. There is just so much liability coverage you can buy with Homeowners insurance. An Umbrella policy gives you extra liability coverage for a reasonable fee.

We also provide comprehensive coverage at competitive pricing for renters, condo owners, and vacation homes.

We’re ready to protect you from risk.