Offer Health & Employee Benefits that Go the Distance

Cumbre Insurance Services, LLC understands the importance of providing a sound health plan and other benefits to employees while also taking into account an organization’s financial parameters. Our staff has the expertise and experience to negotiate comprehensive, competitive benefits programs. We keep our ear to the ground for pending changes, including those to our health care law that could potentially impact your business and employees.

Making A Difference in Your Organization’s Health Plan

Our focus is on creating distinct solutions for each of our clients. We’re experienced in providing fully insured plans, alternative funding options (HSAs, FSAs) and non-traditional plan designs (for example, partially self-insured plans, medical captives). We will provide you with plan design options so that you are informed when deciding on your employee health care program. We’ll also discuss cost-containment solutions so that we can meet your objectives and needs.

Additional Employee Benefits

In addition to working with you on your health care plan, Cumbre Insurance Services can also provide the following key employee benefits for your organization:

Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental insurance can be offered as a traditional plan, where employees can choose their own dentist and receive more flexibility and higher coverage levels for dental work, or an employer can opt for a preferred provider plan (PPO), a prevention and minor-restorative plan, or a dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) plan.  Each plan comes with its own deductible structure and rules, but all provide competitively priced options for both employers and employees. Some will cover orthodontic care and other appliances, and many offer dependent coverage.

Group Disability Insurance

Having Group Disability insurance as part of your benefits package provides several advantages, including serving as an excellent recruitment and retention tool to attract and keep quality employees. With Group Disability insurance, you have the opportunity to leverage design flexibility to fit your company’s budget while also working for your employees. Premiums can be paid by you, your employees or a combination of the two, using pre-tax or after-tax dollars. In addition, you can take pre-tax company-paid premiums as a business tax deduction. We offer both Group Short Term and Long Term Disability products to our clients, designed to provide your employees with a safety net and protect their most valuable asset: the ability to earn an income should they become ill or injured and are unable to work.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits are a key component of every employee benefits package. They provide a platform on which employees can easily access various products at discounted rates and with preferred underwriting requirements. Products may include Dental, Vision, Accident, Disability, Life and Long Term Care insurance. Some employees might like to also bolster their Group Health protection through the purchase of a voluntary, supplemental policy for critical illness or accident & sickness. Additionally, as the needs of employees change, employers also offer non-traditional benefits such as financial planning, online education and career development.

We’re ready to protect you from risk.