Cyber Liability Insurance to Mitigate, Transfer Risk

Cyber liability risks today are commonplace: from data breaches to network failures, malicious viruses, phishing tactics, cyber extortion and ransomware. No business or industry sector is immune from the financial and reputational havoc a cyber incident can wreak. And, without the right Cyber Liability insurance in place, a business can end up paying for everything from computer forensics to notification costs, loss of income as result of the cyber incident, ransom payments (bitcoin), penalties, third-party liability claims and other expenses.

At Cumbre Insurance Services, LLC, we work with several insurers that specialize in Cyber insurance. We will tailor a policy that fits your industry and risk profile. Remember, it’s not only large corporations or well-known entities that make headline news that are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Statistics show that 60% of all targeted attacks strike small and mid-sized entities.

Inside Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance can be designed to help pay for the following costs as a result of a cyber-related incident:

Additionally, many of our carriers offer resources to help our clients design cost-effective and robust cyber security measures.

We’re ready to protect you from risk.