Your Take-Away: Comprehensive, Custom Restaurant Protection.

Our Main Course: Restaurant Insurance

Cumbre Insurance Services, LLC has been providing the restaurant industry with total insurance solutions throughout California and across the country since 1984. We put our expertise to work insuring establishments of all types and sizes – from fast-food franchises to fast casual, cafes, family style and fine dining. We understand the true exposures a restaurant faces that could impact an operation’s bottom line and reputation, and put together a portfolio of custom insurance coverages designed to mitigate and transfer risk.

Inside A Restaurant’s Risks

We know the importance of having an insurance and risk management partner that understands your business and how to address the unique risks that can potentially upend your operation. Everything from a kitchen fire to premises liability (trips and falls), liquor liability, food contamination, a power outage, supply chain disruption, equipment breakdown, natural disasters, and many other exposures can make or break a business without the right coverage.
For example, if a fire shuts down a restaurant for three months, how will the operation survive without Business Interruption insurance to step in to cover its loss of income and pay for continuing expenses? If a piece of equipment breaks down and causes food spoilage, without Equipment Breakdown and Food Spoilage insurance, the out-of-pocket costs to repair the equipment and cover the costs of stock and loss of income can be significant. If an establishment sells alcohol, Liquor Liability insurance is a must. Any time a patron gets involved in an auto accident after leaving a restaurant, it is potentially exposed to a liquor liability suit whether there’s any merit to it or not.

If a restaurant offers delivery services, its auto exposure increases and must be adequately addressed with Commercial Auto insurance. The risk of data breaches and other cyber-related exposures have made it essential for restaurants to secure Cyber Liability insurance. New consumer technologies where ordering a meal through an app

or website create an elevated exposure for restaurants, which have on hand customer credit card information.

Employment practices liability is another area fraught with potential exposures for a restaurateur. Allegations of discrimination, harassment and wrongful firing could land a restaurant owner in court even if the allegation is groundless. This is where Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) steps in.

Cuts, burns, muscle strains and sprains, and slips and falls, among other on-the-job employee accidents and injuries make having a strong Workers’ Compensation insurance plan with safety procedures, loss control, and a return-to-work-program for restaurants critical.

Taking Risk Off Your Plate

Cumbre Insurance Services focuses on protecting the restaurant industry and provides a full menu of insurance coverages tailored to your operation and risk profile. This includes:

We also specialize in providing fast-food operations the coverages they need to meet their franchise insurance requirements. We understand that franchises can be easy targets in this litigious environment because of their national recognition and can help shield your business with the right combination of responsive coverages.

We’re ready to protect you from risk.