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Prospecting is the beginning of the sales process. The more calculated we are able to be in our approach the more deals we close. Auris is our streamlined solution. 

With the data that we will be given we will have a leg up on the competition. We can then begin to have more intentional conversations with our clients through Auris Benchmarking. This course is going to show you step-by-step how to utilize Auris to it’s fullest capabilities.  

As Auris continues to grow and the platform becomes more robust. The content of this course will continue to grow as well. Use this as your On-Demand guide to answer any questions you have to keep your prospecting momentum rolling! 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This on-demand course is for producers who are looking to find the limitless prospecting possibilities that Auris brings to Acrisure partners. 

Prospecting does not have to be difficult. 

Auris makes it simple. 

Step-by-step lessons

Before we start anything we need to go down to the basics. In this video we cover how to locate Auris. You will need your login credentials to do this part. If you do not have those contact 

Lesson 1

Where it all begins! This quick homepage navigation tutorial will give you all the tools needed to always know how to get home.

Lesson 2

In this video we dive into how to begin looking into specific niche’s or industries. We cover how to find the prospects, some basic filtering, and ultimately, how we download the excel file.

Lesson 3 – Industry Prospecting

Lesson 3 – Finding A Specific Company

We have all of the data…now what? In this lesson we dive into how to clean and scrape the data needed to create a clean and workable prospecting sheet.

Lesson 4

We have a pretty clean sheet of prospects…but no emails?! In this lesson we jump out of Auris to another tool to find the emails of the decision makers. 

Lesson 5

We cover one last tool to make sure that we have the information needed to connect with the prospect. In this lesson we cover LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find and contact our future client! 

Lesson 6

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